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About Keiko

For several years in my mid-twenties,

I worked as a shrine maiden at Tenkawa Daibenzaiten-sha Shrine in Nara Prefecture.






I was suffering from severe atopic dermatitis for many years.
(While living in Tenkawa, it was strangely subdued)
After returning to Tokyo, my atopic dermatitis recurred,

steroid ointment was no longer effective,

and I spent many days in bed.


after I achieved a state of enlightenment, 

a series of miraculous coincidences overlapped

and I was completely cured.
That experience is a great spiritual asset in my life.

After moving to NY in 2015, 

one day in 2017,

I received some energy into my hands.

I didn't know what it was,

but a year later in 2018

I was told that it was a healing energy.

Then I resumed my spiritual journey with

my master (an awakened person

who cured his stage4 prostate cancer by himself)

in Tokyo.

The energy is still being with me all the time.

My session room's name "imakoko"

comes from my nickname "koko" 

and "ima" which is

an important word of ”Zen”.


I do meditating and purification work constantly,

and also have sessions from my master as needed

to keep my condition perfect.

Feel free to contact me


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​​In addition to do healing sessions,
I am the official photographer for
Harley Davidson Owners Group NYC Chapter.
I also make custom design cakes
taking advantage of my experience
at SAZABY Afternoon Tea
in Tokyo

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